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Designs that bring you business, not win us awards

We design websites that work. That sounds simple, but there is a lot involved in producing a site that functions properly and effectively, including for mobile users. There is almost no limit to what can be done on the Internet, but there are plenty of limits to what should be done. The sites we produce are all individually built to our clients' specification and designed with the requirements and needs of the particular customer at the forefront.

Our work is extremely cost effective and can be based on your existing images, logos and text - though all these will be modified to make them suitable for Internet use. Sites include contact forms and image galleries as required and can incorporate almost anything you need. The limits are only defined by your requirements. All the sites we build now are 'responsive' so usable by mobile devices.

If you already have a website, we can make it better. If you don't have one,
we can produce a site you will be proud of. On time and on budget.


Fixed Prices

We offer two, fixed-price structure sites, which are suitable for the majority of clients. All the sites we build are fully compliant with web standards and are
tested as suitable for all current Internet browsers. All are constructed to be search engine friendly and basic search engine optimisation is included in designs.
This aspect alone would cost more than the total charge we make if you went to many 'specialists'!

Single-page site for just £259
For small businesses that just want to have an introductory presence on the Internet, a single-page site will get you going. The cost includes all design work, adaptation of text and images, and the site can include a simple slide show image gallery and a small contact form.

Four-page site plus, for just £589
'Home' page, plus three additional pages to your specification. Completely individual, one-off design to suit your requirements. Includes re-sizing all images to suit Internet use and re-writing text. If required, the site can incorporate email list and customer contact forms. An image gallery is included if appropriate, and is totally customisable for up to twenty images to provide a continuous slide show, selectable images and custom text for each picture. In addition to the four main pages, a further page is provided, for basic terms and conditions and Internet/data privacy policy details.

Ten-page site plus, for just £949
'Home' page plus nine further pages. Similar to the four-page site in specifications, but obviously with much more flexibility for clients offering a greater number
of services or products. In addition to the ten main pages, a further page is provided, for basic terms and conditions and Internet/data privacy policy details.

Spread the cost with our help
We appreciate just how difficult it can be for new businesses financially. So, for our four-page and ten-page sites, we are happy to offer to spread the cost over six months, completely free of any interest charges. That means under £100 a month will get you up and running! If you choose to arrange hosting and/or domain name purchases through us, we will also spread these costs accordingly.

The above prices...
...include all relevant work and and assume that you will provide basic text and images. If and as required, additional charges will apply for any stock images, site hosting, domain name purchases and copy writing, although all of these are extremely competitive.


Website design by Internet Image Kettering

One business solution for all your design requirements

Every business uses design - from a simple business card, to promotional leaflets and advertisements. Our team at Internet Image are experienced in all forms of design work, and not just websites. From a basic logo design to a multiple page brochure, we can produce print-ready artwork to the highest standards.

We have produced a variety of adverts for clients, including full-page spreads for major magazines, and complex leaflets, incorporating multiple folds. We are accustomed to working to tight deadlines and also have a skilled and highly experienced copy writer to give your material the final 'polish'. Your business is as important to us as ours is, and we always go the extra mile to produce results you can justifiably be proud of.

Most companies already have suitable contacts for pre-print, printing and finishing, but if not, we also work extensively with a number of local printing companies, capable of producing stunning results. This means that if required, we can run and produce a job literally from start to finish. For larger print runs, we have extensive industry contacts and can deal with anything up to a half-million, multiple-page brochure run, printed overseas and distributed in the UK.

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