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If required, we are happy to provide site hosting, email setup and domain name registration services. There are a multitude of hosting companies out there and prices vary dramatically - from nothing to thousands of pounds annually. However, the old saying that you get what you pay for holds true when it comes to hosting. Free hosting services are definitely a case in point, as they inevitably place unwanted advertising all over your website and are at best, potentially unreliable.

We work exclusively with one of the UK's leading hosting companies. Currently looking after some 50,000 websites, they host all of our sites and are one of only a dozen UK suppliers holding ICANN accreditation (the official register of global domain names).



We offer two levels of hosting. The standard package is suitable for virtually all sites. It includes full scripting and database support (essential for enquiry forms, email databases and the like) and includes customizable email facilities with up to 20 dedicated email addresses. The total supported amount of data is up to 2000MB, which would only be exceeded by the largest sites. Hosting with this service costs £70 per year. For extremely large sites, or secure e-commerce facilities with online payment processing, the cost will depend on a number of factors. Please contact us for full information if required.

Domain names depend on the domain suffix. The most favoured (and best for a number of reasons) are, .com, and .org. However, due to demand, the list has recently been expanded massively and a near endless variety now exists. Prices start from around £6 per year, depending on the type and length of registration. If possible (and if available) it is always best to purchase as many alternative domains as possible within reason. You do not need to have websites for each, as the others can be redirected to the main domain. Having additional domains allows for greater flexibility in the long term and can help with search engine optimisation. Most importantly, it also prevents unscrupulous third parties from using domains to 'shadow' yours and pick up business that you should have had!

Please contact us to see if your preferred domain name is available. If not, we can also suggest and search for sensible alternatives.

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