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Making the most of your resources

Unless your business is brand new, the chances are that you already have
a list of customers and prospects with their contact details. Are you making good use of all those email addresses? Keeping in touch with people is a great way to keep your business in their minds, and sending regular emails
is extremely cost-effective.

We can provide bulk email software and blank mail templates based on your website design so that you can quickly and easily keep people up to date with developments in your business, offers and general news.

Setup and use is very straightforward, but If required, we can host and run the whole service for you. All bulk email programs we run are fully compliant with spam email legislation and it is essential that you ensure your email list is full 'opt-in'. Never buy or rent lists. They are legally questionable, and
more to the point, ineffective.


Making the most of social networking
Does your business or organisation already have Facebook and Twitter pages? If not, we can assist with getting these up and running. The amount of leads and visitors generated through social networking sites is immense, and a resource you really need to be taking advantage of. Facebook and Twitter in particular are also extremely good in terms of search engine optimisation. They really are resources you cannot afford to neglect.

Making the most of online advertising
We are not the greatest fans of direct online advertising. The market is relatively new and costs can be disproportionately high in terms of results. However, some areas can be very productive. If you sell to a local market, your regional newspaper is likely to have an online edition and advertising there may be surprisingly low cost. Banner adverts and Google adverts can also be used to advantage, provided a great deal of care is taken in selecting where, when and how adverts will run. The one area we do not advise is adverts in search engine listings. Quite simply, these can be extremely expensive, difficult to control and monitor and, most importantly, ineffective. Whatever your requirements and budget, we have the knowledge to ensure your money will be well spent and will produce results.

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